Why Us?

We believe in driving innovation. What better example to start with than the car industry.
We manufacture various micro motors for the field. 





This is R276.

For the car industry, we have developed the model R276 to set a new benchmark in micro motor performance. Below is how we compete against our major competitor.

6 poles motors can further reduce no load speed compared to traditional 3 poles motors, producing minimal frictional and mechanical noise. Technically, the noise level of 6 poles motors is lower than that of 3 poles by 3-4 dB.
6 poles armature creates a balanced copper winding rotor core. Higher dynamic balancing and lower vibration during rotation.
Our metal housing case and end plate are securely stamped together. Results?
Our motors can withstand as much as 200N axial impact force and work up to 5000 hours depending on loaded speed and torque.
Shape is of paramount significance to the performance of a motor. A round shape allows an even distribution of magnetization that gives smooth transaction of magnetic poles during rotation. These mean lower noise and less vibration, and ultimately, better user experience.

1 . Cogging Torque △K Comparison







Our specific round shape R276 has significant lower cogging torque than competitor.

2 . Noise Distribution Comparison

EcoMotor Elements_Noise Comparison

Lab tests show that our motors produce less noise.

3 . Vibration Distribution Comparison

EcoMotor vibration distribution is lower than competition.

All this from a 10 year old company.

Innovation is what drives our company forward. We have more examples to show. Let’s drive a new world together.